Too sad for the Circus

This would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

In today’s NYT story “Typhoon in Philippines Casts Long Shadow Over U.N. Talks on Climate Treaty” we have the usual sad equivocation.

Henry Fountain and Justin Gillis, after leading off with

The typhoon that struck the Philippines produced an outpouring of emotion on Monday at United Nations talks on a global climate treaty in Warsaw, where delegates were quick to suggest that a warming planet had turned the storm into a lethal monster…

Olai Ngedikes, the lead negotiator for an alliance of small island nations, said in a statement that the typhoon, named Haiyan, which by some estimates killed 10,000 people in one city alone, “serves as a stark reminder of the cost of inaction on climate change and should serve to motivate our work in Warsaw.” …

His declaration, coupled with the scope of the disaster, moved many of the delegates to tears.

have to put in the obligatory reminder:

Yet scientists remain cautious about drawing links between extreme storms like this typhoon and climate change. There is not enough data, they say, to draw conclusions about any single storm.

“Whether we’re seeing some result of climate change, we find that impossible to find out,” said Kerry A. Emanuel, an atmospheric scientist at M.I.T.

Well, at least they admit where this all leads:

As global warming proceeds, some of the poorest people in the world, who have had the least to do with the burning of fossil fuels, stand to be among the primary victims ….Analysts say the likeliest outcome of the Warsaw negotiations is a weak pact that essentially urges countries to do what they can to cut emissions…