Disability schemers

Are “able-bodied Americans choosing to get easy disability checks rather than find work”? Is it true “that this gaming of the system has the Social Security disability program headed towards collapse”?

Well, no.

There’s been a story going around for months now that tries to portray a disability crisis.. . .

It’s a story that has made its way all around elite media, from Fox News Channel to the New York Times op-ed page to the public radio show This American Life. And now to 60 Minutes, the CBS newsmagazine still considered the gold standard in commercial TV news.

Thanks to F.A.I.R. for pulling back the tent flap of this media circus.

Turns out, says F.A.I.R, that much of the fiction is coming from ringleader Sen. Tom Coburn, “a far-right Republican from Oklahoma perhaps best-known for being a climate change denier.”

Read the whole story: What Did 60 Minutes Get Wrong About Disability? by Peter Hart (10/7/13)